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Puppia Leonard Harness A

Puppia Leonard Harness A
Puppia Leonard Harness A Puppia Leonard Harness A Puppia Leonard Harness A Puppia Leonard Harness A
Brand: Puppia
Product Code: BS B1 S4
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Price: £28.00

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The Leonard A Harness takes inspiration from animal print and this fun leopard pattern will certainly glam up your sausage dog! It's available in a choice of either black or brown with matching leads. The lining is a super super soft faux plush fur that will keep your dog warm and snuggly all winter. A great way to make your Dachshund feel cosy. 

Designed with soft and spongy neck and chest padding, the Soft Harness gives the walker extra control and ensures that the dog is comfortable by removing pressure from the trachea. Unlike when using a collar or strap harness there is no strain on the neck. The   harness sits slightly lower on the dog than a colla, more around the shoulders. Many owners are familiar with the choking sound their dog makes when excitedly pulling on their collar and this causes irreversible damage over the long term. When using the soft harness any pressure exerted by the dog or owner is spread out across the whole body and chest area  rather than at one point on the neck. The unique design also helps to prevent pulling.               

The A-shape harness is Puppia’s original shape. To put on, the top of the harness is placed over the dog’s head, just like putting on a jumper. Then, place the left leg into the harness. The last and final step is to secure the harness around the back with a simple clip. The harness fits on the chest, as not to choke the dog and the dogs weight is evenly distributed across the body, so as not to overdevelop certain muscle groups. The neck size is fixed for this shape of harness, so make sure it will be able to pass over the dog’s head, but the waist clip is adjustable to ensure the perfect fit.  Puppia's Leonard Harness also comes with the Puppia Smart Tag which can be interchanged with your dog's own ID Tag if you wish

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Size Chart

Size        Neck Girth        Breast Girth

S             25cm               32-49cm

M            31cm               42-60cm

L             38cm               49-66cm

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